RB Steakhouse and Sam Adams…

Beer is one of my favorite foods. So I greeted the news that RB Black Angus Steakhouse was holding a beer and dinner pairing featuring their certified beef and Sam Adams handcrafted beers with unbridled excitement.

Owner and Chef Raul Bermudez’s beer-inspired dishes were incredible. A favorite was the grilled short ribs, marinated in the Cherry Wheat Ale they were later served with. Every bite drove me to sip the Cherry Wheat, and every sip begged for another bite of ribs.

The dinner is over, but all the special Sam Adams beers are still available for $3.50 a bottle: the Summer Ale, a lemony wheat that’s refreshing enough for salads yet strong enough for pau hana; the Cherry Wheat, great with spicy foods; the Blackberry Whitbier, a sweeter brew; and the Black Lager, which surprised me the most—the deep black color gives the impression of a stout, but it’s light and smooth like the lager it is. Try one—or try ’em all. Maui Time Weekly, Jen Russo