Ono Gelato

The gelato at Ono Gelato is good pretty much any way you can imagine: in a cup, on a cone, in a pint that you buy and devour on the ride home, etc. Now, there’s a new (or at least somewhat recently added) way to enjoy the frozen treats at this Paia gem: in Italian soda form.

When I think of Italian soda, I think syrup and carbonated water, but these are really more like floats. For a heavier—but not quite milkshake-heavy—experience, go with a dairy-based gelato (Italian ice cream that’s lighter, and lower in fat, than its counterpart, for the uninitiated). For something a bit more fizzy and airy, opt for one of the many dairy-free “sorbettos”—raspberry, pineapple, lilikoi, etc.

While you’re there, sample Hawaiian coffee, locally made jams, jellybeans and more. This is the kind of place where it’s basically impossible to walk out the door empty-handed, unless you consume whatever you buy inside the store (the space is small but they do have a couple benches by the window and more out on the sidewalk).

Also worth noting: they’ve recently opened a new location in Lahaina, meaning these ono sweets aren’t confined to the North Shore. Maui Time Weekly, Jacob Shafer