New Four Sisters Restaurant Open in Wailuku Maui on Vineyard


As I drove into work the other morning I saw tempting signs on the newly opened Four Sister’s Restaurant boasting $5 breakfast and lunch. Four Sister’s Kitchen used to be on the corner of Vineyard and Market, and before that they ran a fast and casual food spot in Lahaina at the same center as Hard Rock Cafe and Ruth’s Chris. When my stomach grumbled, I knew I had to stop in for a $5 breakfast test.

So after checking in at the office, an office mate and I walked over to the new spot. I was really surprised to find a huge list of items on their $5 list: eggs and meat plates, pancakes, French toast, adobo fried rice, saimin and dry mein. One thing I’ve never seen on a breakfast menu was the Tortang Talong, a Filipino dish of eggplant and eggs. There are also $6 items like loco moco and marinated milkfish. Upgrading to Eggs Benedict costs $8.95 and steak and eggs will cost $9.95.


Located in the newly renovated Weinberg Residential Training Center, there are a few tables and chairs in their modest dining room, a display hot food bar where they will do lunch menu items and an order counter. Their little air-conditioned dining room offers great people-watching in Wailuku.

I immediately recognized the woman behind the counter from Four Sisters Bakery, just a block down the street. I stop in there quite a bit to pick up their fresh pandesal, cheese rolls and famous butter rolls. The Bakery is open seven days a week.


Anyway, back to the food. I ordered a Tortang Talong and my colleague ordered the French toast.

I can’t believe how delicious having eggplant stir fried with egg over it can be. It’s kind of like the meat jun of eggplant, without the dipping sauce. Tortang Talong delivers on richness and flavor. I ordered mine with fried rice instead of plain steamed rice, and the adobo fried rice is good enough to stand on its own. Large chunks of adobo and flavorful fried rice made my $5 breakfast leftovers quell my lunch hunger pangs, too.


The French toast had fat slices of creamy egg bread batter-dipped, browned and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with a dollop of melted butter and a takeout container of syrup, it really satisfied–especially considering that it included two scrambled eggs. While we waited to get our food, they brought us coffee (they also offer ice water).

Their lunches are reasonable, too. The list of sandwiches and burgers ranges from $8 to $9 and includes fries or salad. The plate lunches start at $7.95, with teriyaki, katsu, tofu stir fry and more. The noodles and soups start at the same price with standards like saimin and oxtail soup ($12.95) as well as more exotic pig’s feet lauya and boneless bangus sinigang. On First Fridays, they do an all-you-can-eat buffet for $19.99.

Four Sisters Kitchen

2102 W. Vineyard St., Wailuku






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