Maui Bake Shop to reopen Tomorrow

I am really excited to have a new breakfast and lunch option by the office, especially because its an old favorite opening up again. Jose and Claire Krall sold their business almost a year ago and handed operations over. Those operators only lasted a few months closing around September. The Kralls had been running the bakery for about twenty years.French pastries, fresh baked breads, soup, salads and sandwiches were all very good. Their croissants were off the hook too. They baked everything in a giant open oven, old school.

I know they have made changes but hopefully they have only added to their menu. The open date is Thursday, may 12. they are located at the corner of vineyard and church streets in Wailuku. See you there!

Check out the Mauitime Dining Listing for Maui Bake Shop HERE

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Maui Bake Shop on Urbanspoon