Kula Bistro – New Kula Maui Restaurant – Dinner Recon Mission

Kula Bistro Canneloni

It was time. The last stakeout at Kula Bistro was weeks ago before they opened. A few people had emailed about their experiences and to let me know it was open. (Thank you!!) It was my turn.

I scooped up fellow food adventurers Jane and Jen Brown, along with Ester and we carpooled up to Kula for dinner. Kula Bistro is open 7 days a week, from 7 am to 8 pm. They do their own baked goods, and the bakery case is full of desserts. The menu is HUGE. The lunch and dinner menu is the same, I photographed it below so you could see the pages we had to choose from.

Kula Bistro Crab Cakes

The server said they were known for the crab cakes so we started there. served with a delicious cream sauce that is swirled with sweet thai chili sauce and a swath of Kula Greens. They were Maryland crab cakes which my East Coast dining buddies said is awesome. I was not so familiar. The two crab cakes in the app were served soft, almost the texture of a cream dip. The real lump crab had a bit of a fishy taste, but overall the dish was enjoyable. I married each bite with a bunch of greens for crunch.

We took forever to order dinner, mainly because we had so many decisions to make. In the end, Jen got the pesto with veggies dish, Jane got the canneloni, I had the grilled veggie panini, and Ester had the saimin. The menu has Italian and local food favorites. (See the photos below for the lunch and dinner menu.)

The dining room filled up to capacity while we were there. I thought the chairs were really comfortable, I want them for my kitchen table. The dining room is large and comfortable, dominated by 4 tops, very family friendly. We all decided we would eat here again, bring more family and friends.

Food did not take long at all and everything was delicious. Jane’s canneloni came the size of a taco del mar burrito. It was stuffed with seafood, really tasty. She had to take half home. Ester’s Imamura noodle saimin was just how she ordered it, plain with no veggies, and char sui on the side. Jen’s pesto with veggies was creamy and delicious. She had the penne, it was cooked perfect. Lots of veggies on it, eggplant, squash, peppers, onions, mushroom.

Kula Bistro Veggie Panini

After years of getting crappy paninis suddenly I have beholden great panini. The trick is to use fresh focaccia, it grills crisp on the outside but not too tough. The roasted veggie panini hit the spot. It was beautiful in presentation served with a side of Caesar salad. Cheese oozed hot over the vegetables and the bread was succulent.

Kula Bistro Black Forest Cake

I would not let us leave without a taste of some of the baked goods, I mean after all they bake it themselves! There is a beautiful case of desserts in the restaurant, which Ester would go over and check out. We let her pick, so it was Black Forest Cake. A tall 4 layers of rich fudge cake separated with thick fudgy cream with lots of cherries in it, this cake is too rich for just one. The maui coffee was perfect with it. I loved the almond side of the cake.

There is some rough spots they are still working out in the service. But I believe they will get there. Our server didnt bring us proper napkins and silverware at first, and we kept forgetting to ask when he was nearby, but we got them all eventually. Its hardly something to complain about. We did not order any adult beverages, but I saw the waiters serving wine, so I think they have it on the menu. (Update from commenter Wendy below-they do not have a liquor license, however they are serving BYOB. This is awesome! Just bring your bottle of wine or beer or pick it up across the street at Morihara Store)

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, from 7 am to 8pm. Have you tried Kula Bistro? What did you think? Let us know! Comment below!

4566 Lower Kula Rd., Kula, HI 96790, (808) 871-2960

Kula Bistro Canneloni

Kula Bistro pesto on penne

Kula Bistro Saimin ordered plain

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu

Kula Bistro Menu


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  • http://www.mauitime.com Jen Russo

    Charles, my bad. I usually do not forget such things. please forgive me, I have added it above and here as well. Thank you so much for pointing that out so I can fix. 4566 Lower Kula Rd., Kula, HI 96790, (808) 871-2960

    • Charles Laquidara

      Thanks, Jen:
      If your review wasn’t so well- written and mouth-watering, I wouldn’t have even commented- but you had me on “chili sauce and a swath of Kula greens-” and now I HAVE to go there. :)
      Thanks for the info and the great review!

  • http://www.bigmattress.com Charles Laquidara

    I keep looking and looking and looking… but for some reason I cannot find the address for this restaurant anywhere on this page. Isn’t there some kind of rule that a reviewer learns in “Restaurant Critiquing 101” that a good review is not really helpful if no one can find the place being reviewed?
    However, I could be wrong- and maybe the address of this place is somewhere I missed completely. Could be me and I will feel embarrassed if it is. Wait- Let me try it again. Back in a few minutes (or maybe hours; I have to make this page bigger- I think it’s “Command +” on this Mac.)

  • Grace

    Three of us had lunch at Kula Bistro and of course tasted all the dishes that we ordered. We enjoyed the house pasta special, the sauce was the best I’ve ever tasted. The special penne pasta of the day with shrimp was also delicious. The meatloaf – gravy is the bomb. Portions are generous and servers were very friendly and helpful. Desserts are scrumptious! Highly recommend this bistro – it’s worth the drive to Kula.

  • Wendy

    Thank you for posting!!!! I am a employee of kula bistro, and to see this wonderful post makes me so proud to work there!!!! It’s just the beginning and I do truly believe that the best is yet to come!!! It’s a amazing place to be both as a worker and customer (which I have been quite a few times on my days off) the owners are wonderful people who really make the place have that “aloha” feel to it. Just so you know we do not serve alcohol but what you saw was people are able to bring in there own wine and we are happy to serve it for you ( you might want to bring your own wine glasses we only have only a few, unless you don’t mind using the water glasses) thank you again and hope to see you soon…. And if you come in on a Friday please let me know that your there your desert is on me:-)

    • http://www.mauitime.com Jen Russo

      Wendy, thank you so much for your comment and for the update on BYOB status. I hope to drop in for a breakfast session too sometime. I think it is a great addition to upcountry eateries.