Island Tacos

If owner Chuck Harron keeps adding things to the menu at Island Tacos, the little stand he operates across from the Iao Theater in Wailuku, he’s going to have to change the name. Especially if those theoretical future items are as good as the pork and chicken sliders he started serving about a month ago.

The tacos at Island Tacos are nothing if not generous—big flour tortillas piled high with a choice of meat and all manner of fixin’s. The hot dogs are hot dogs—the red, local-style kind—but they’re only a buck.

The sliders follow the same more-for-less formula. Three bucks each or two for $5, they come on a small bun toasted on the grill right in front of you. Tender shredded chicken or beef is topped with grated cheese and cabbage and a healthy dose of barbeque sauce; even as I was walking away satisfied, Chuck called me back to add one more dollop of sauce.

The sliders do what they’re supposed to—go down in a couple quick, easy, flavorful bites and leave you licking your fingers wishing for more. 

A small handful of fine establishments aside, Wailuku isn’t exactly a dining oasis. That means, for those of us who spend our working hours there, new options are always welcome.

Chuck also told me he’s now available for catering, so even if you don’t frequent Maui’s oft-forgotten county seat, you can still enjoy a taste of the Island. Maui Time Weekly, Jacob Shafer