Green Banana Frozen Yogurt Grand Opening at 6pm in Paia

Creative Commons License photo credit: marcelo träsel

Wow, in an amazing turn of events Dean Wong has transformed the adjoining space to his Green Banana Cafe into a frozen yogurt spot in just 15 days! And not just any frozen yogurt spot he will be making the gourmet stuff that the celebs get in Beverly Hills. Dean Wong, thank you! Does this mean I won’t get fat eating it? Only if I do as much pilates as Jennifer Aniston.

Wong says, “I found friendship and guidance in a great yogurt maker in Beverly Hills who has been so generous and excited in my desire to make such a premium healthy product – he makes yogurt for the celebrities and now I get to make it for you – our STARs!”

Wong may have shotgunned the store open, but he knows how to throw a  grand opening  and Te Tiara PaTitifa will be there with an amazing hula show at 6pm tonight. Everybody check it out and let me know how fabulous the new location and yogurt is, because I don’t think I can be there.

Green Banana Cafe in Paia

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