Cafe Marc Aurel

You already know that Café Marc Aurel is Wailuku’s go-to coffee shop/eatery/art gallery/nightlife haven. Or maybe you don’t; maybe you missed it among the pawnshops and attorney’s offices and the headquarters of this very publication. 

Either way, what you probably don’t know unless you’re a faithful regular (and there are a few of us) is that Marc Aurel is bringing back hot breakfast to augment their bagels, pastries, smoothies and sundry caffeinated beverages.

Options include: the obligatory breakfast sandwich, with eggs, melting provolone and tomatoes on a toasted bagel or croissant (add meat for an extra $1.50); two omelets, the Spanish (salsa, Manchego cheese and sour cream) and the spinach and Swiss, which also comes with tomatoes and red onions; and the quiche du jour, done up meaty or meatless depending on your persuasion.

On the cold side of the menu there’s the bluebird—a mix of organic yogurt, vanilla almond granola and fresh fruit—plus plain old, tried-and-true milk and cereal for that I’m-still-in-my-kitchen-with-my-PJs-on feeling.

In other words: enough options to keep your motor running, whether you’re looking to top off or fill ’er up, until it’s time to come back in the afternoon (or pau hana) and order a pita pizza and a couple glasses of sangria. Maui Time Weekly, Jacob Shafer