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Hawaiian salt brings out the flavor of the food and changes the texture of the food when we set it aside to cure. Salt can also be sprinkled on greens with a dash of oil for a crisp salad. Of course we use this Hawaiian seasoning on our Ocean’s Signature Fish Tacos, served daily during lunch and dinner, and the line-caught ahi poke served from 10:30am to 5:30pm. The recipe for kim chee kale complements grilled meat or fish and keeps well for a few days in refrigeration. It’s perfect for a weekend barbeque with family and friends, whether at home or at our beach parks. I usually make this flavorful dish over the weekend, in preparation of a barbeque meal. Most importantly, the kale, carrot and onions used in this dish can easily be made using locally-grown vegetables on Maui.



I like to wash rice in a colander before cooking. This provides the proper ratio of rice to water when cooking as all the wash water is drained first, resulting in perfectly cooked rice.



Kim Chee Kale


1 lb kale (chopped and washed)

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp Hawaiian salt

1 tbsp Ko Choo Jang paste

1 tbsp minced ginger

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 small carrot (shredded)

1 small Kula onion (minced)

1 oz salad oil (neutral flavor such as canola)


Heat oil in a sauté pan.

Add kale and wilt, then add ginger and garlic.

Mix quickly before removing from heat.

Add remaining ingredients and mix well.

Chill overnight in a refrigerator.

Serve with grilled meat or fish.

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