Japengo’s Chef Greg Grohowski’s Vietnamese Style Kurobuta Pork Recipe

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It all starts with the basics: Hawaiian Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper. These two spices are a must have in every kitchen. These ingredients have been the foundation of any recipe since French cooks first paired them together in the 17th century. The recipe for Vietnamese-style Kurobuta Pork that we’ve shared is one of the best and most-ordered items on the menu at Japengo. At the restaurant, it’s paired with a delicious sweet potato hash made from Molokai Purple Sweet Potatoes that compliments the pork perfectly.



Use the freshest ingredients possible–locally grown ingredients are even better. Plan your menu ahead of time to minimize stress. Give yourself an hour more than you think you will need for your mise en place. Finally, drink good wine while cooking–it makes it more pleasurable.



Vietnamese “Style” Kurobuta Pork


1 Kurobuta pork chop, frenched and trussed

4 oz. Vietnamese glaze

5 oz. Sweet potato hash

Pinch fried garlic

Pinch peanuts

3 sprigs mint

3 sprigs Thai Basil

Glaze pork chop with Vietnamese glaze and grill both sides. Finish pork chop in the oven, basting with remaining liquid while cooking. Place sweet potato hash in oven to finish cooking. In a round bowl, place sweet potato hash in the middle of a plate, placing grilled pork chop on to the side of hash. Sprinkle chopped peanuts and fried garlic over the top, garnishing with mint and Thai basil.

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