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All of our dishes incorporate multiple items sourced locally. Be it Upcountry vegetables, Maui-caught seafood, Makawao tomatoes and even our garnishes are grown here. We make a big effort to support local producers and in this day and age it’s kind of a no-brainer if you want the freshest food product. And Maui food kind of rocks, too, in terms of flavor.  Lemongrass is my must-have ingredient, with ginger a close second. These ingredients are more complex than most people think. I use them in both savory and sweet applications.  They have a sharp spice to them yet can have gently citrus notes when toned down. They awaken your taste buds when used right. And they’re a cure-all tea when steeped in hot water.



Poha Berry Compote

Three quarters of the ingredients used are Maui produced. The recipe strikes a nice balance with the tart berries, the sweet orange and the savory shallots and ginger. Poha berries have a good amount of pectin, not unlike cranberries or plums, that give the compote a natural richness that pairs well with the crispy skinned duck breast that we serve it with at the restaurant.


1 qt minced Shallot

½ cup pureed ginger

2 oranges, zested and juiced

8 qt Poha berries


Sweat off the shallots, orange zest and ginger in vegetable oil until translucent, three to five minutes.

Add berries and sugar and simmer until liquid forms in pan.

Add sachet and simmer until reduced and thickened, about an hour.

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