Le Grinds: Raw Food at its Finest

Maui Culinary Academy Students Team Up With Renowned Raw Food Chef for Annual Le Grinds Fundraiser

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In most homes and restaurants, the word “raw” is met with fear and loathing… it signals that either your Mcdonalds burger just dosed you with Mad Cow, or that no meals want to pop out of the fridge at you, and someone may actually have to cook. However, to The University of Hawaii Maui College’s Maui Culinary Academy, and Jeremy Safrom, local raw food chef and author of books such as The Raw Truth, the word “Raw” is accepted like “salt, sugar, chocolate,” are for the rest of us. Except, of course, these raw food activists are probably a lot thinner, healthier, and have more energy.  And no: no one will be serving up a tower of carrot sticks along with a pile of celery. (That’s called anorexia, not veganism.)

The four-course dinner will include Haleakala Sunset Salsa with Crater Chips, Coconut Caravan Soup, Cajun Nofu with Hemp Rice, and Marinated Vegetables.  Organic and biodynamic wines will also be served.  MCA Instructor, Chef Jake Belmonte says, “It’s all about enjoying what the ‘aina’ has to offer and preparing it to its full potential. I am just ecstatic to be a part of this gig and be able to showcase what’s hot in the culinary world.”  The event will also feature live music by singer, songwriter, and violinist Maesyn. Tickets are available to the public for $40 a person or $20 for UHMC students, faculty, and staff. Call Tiffany Ida 808-984-3434. Friday, April 30th from 6-9 PM at the Maui Culinary Acadamy’s Class Act Resaurant, Pa’ina Building. By: Sierra Brown