It’s Taco Mondays at Diamonds, in the Azeka Shopping Center in Kihei

Better yet, it should be said, it’s Gomega Mondays at Diamonds.Gomega’s set kicks off at 10pm — with the bar filling steadidly in the minutes before hand — and takes you through to the closing hour. When I greeted Kanoa (that’s “K-A-N-O-A, from Upountry Maui,” who I’ve oft heard hailed as “Maui’s most versitile/talented musician”) this evening, he said succinctly, “Yeah, we going make a little noise tonight,” and sound checked with the most soulful “Red Robin” commercial hook (followed by a touch of Whitney Houston — a preview of the set to come, which the guy next to me at the bar says, “is probably better than (Whitney) could sing it herself, right now… And in a lower octave is more sensual…”) the world’s ever heard.But this is a foodie blog, so I’ll get to the dish:

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“Your choice of one soft taco or one hard taco with chicken or ground beef. Topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese.”

And each, just $2 a piece.

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For lovers of spice, these are essentials in the arsenal. As for me, I use Sriracha exclusively.

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Rolling my sleeves up for a second endeavor, it was apparent they don’t skip on the protein stuffers. It’s hard not to rejoice in finely chopped lettuce, cheese and flavorful shredded chicken. The beef is steeped in a sweet sauce akin to the smell of fish food — in the best way, really — but turn your tastebud party into a rave by getting the chicken in a true-blue crispy shell.

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The Monday specials board, tonight.

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More Monday specials, tonight.

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Wow, the $2 tacos look awesome. We already know Gomega is great. Sounds like a bit of Monday night action at Diamonds is required.

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