Is Scoreboards Done For Good?


I saw this very ominous sign on their door today.

After i pulled in two guys in SUV were ready to have a drink, but had to change their plans quickly. Thwy decided on Diamonds as the backup spot.



  • Jane Shattler Brown

    It’s such a nice building! Would make a great Olive Garden!

  • Tommy Russo

    don’t forget Bocalino, they were in business only a few weeks. Long enough to take out an ad they didn’t paid for (yes, dirty laundry).

  • Richard Seiler

    Its hard to makenit on maui

  • Scott Dennis


  • Jen Russo

    yep same thing. but i think marcos built out that spot

  • Scott Dennis

    then Gion Dons

  • Scott Dennis

    1,2,3 years?

  • Jen Russo

    how long was marcos open there?

  • Scott Dennis

    that spot juts has no luck at all.. nothing there stays open for long.