Cheese and Wine Lovers Left at the Altar: Melting Pot / 100 Wines on Maui Now Closed

030 Sean M. Hower (c)2012 100 Wines

Chef Lydon Honda

Its gastric heartbreak for cheese lovers tonight, because 100 Wines and Melting Pot has shuttered its doors. They closed on Sunday, Feb. 24.

It’s such a horrible shame: we won’t be eating those amazing Brussels sprouts, or the cheese board with a big robust red wine, anymore. No more Girls Night Outs spent wielding a long sharp object with which to hoist chunks of bread to cheesy satisfaction while juggling their kick-in-the=pants Cosmo.

Well, cheers to you Cohn Group for bringing such delicious temptations to Maui. I just wish I had one more dip and sip night to go.

Photo: Sean M. Hower

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