Spanky’s Riptide’s Happy Hour and Interview with Allie Busby


Allie Busby

Spankys Riptide

How did you get a job there?

Recruited from Hard Rock

What spirit do you like to work with the most? what is the last drink you made with it?

Tequila – Margaritas

Perhaps you are a wine and beer fan and distilled beverages dont float your boat, what is the last incredible wine or beer you drank? What made it spectacular?

Mirror Pond – Love the flavor.

If you could change one thing about the drinks business on Maui what would it be?


What is your favorite happy hour on Maui? Why?

Sea House – Bomb ass food

What is your bar’s signature drink/wine/beer?


What is YOUR signature drink? (Or go to wine or beer in your selection?)

Margaritas are my favorite – I call them Allieritas

When you are making a cocktail what is the most important thing?


Who or what influences you outside of the beverage business?

My Friends

Let’s say you’re pitching an investor who wants you to open your ultimate bar. What is your concept? Where is it located?

Bowling Alley bar in Lahaina

Name one new liquor/beer/wine you tasted recently. What was your impression?

Sam Smith Organic Lager – Loved it but pricey

What are your regulars like?

Awesome group of locals and industry people.

What is one interesting thing about being a bartender on Maui?

Meeting people from all around the world.

What makes a good bartender? Why are you one?

Multi tasking and having a smile on your face. I always am smiling. I can’t seem to stop.

What is the newest drink you have created? Describe whats in it.

Agave Margarita with fresh squeezed oranges.

SPANKY’S RIPTIDE ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR – Daily. $3.75 Corona, Corona Light, and Pacifico bottles; $4 PBR, Bud Light, and Coors Light drafts; $4 Wells; $5-6 Calls; $7-8 Premiums; $6-8 Wines by the glass. Also get great prices on food with $5 burgers, hot dogs, breakfast burritos, and brekie sandwiches. Great prices all day, every day. Spanky’s Riptide, (505 Front Street, Suite 129-130,  Lahaina); 808-667-2337;

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