Spago Bartender Interview with Tarah Principato

Spago @ the 4 Seasons

Hooch Handle

Tarah Principato

When are you punching the clock at Spago @ the 4 Seasons?

Tuesday through Saturday.

Why sling booze?

I started working behind the bar, as most do, in my twenties while in college pouring beers and shaking shots. Soon enough, that “job” turned itself into a passion for food and wine.

Libation Likes

I am a purist when it comes to cocktails. Therefore, my favorite spirit tends to be a neutral grain vodka, particularly Ketel One when mixed with a splash of soda and fresh squeezed lime.  Love, love, love Bubbles! (especially in the pink variety). And, of course, big Italian reds! Beer is typically limited to cold weather visits and East Coast pubs. But when enjoying, I do like a good chilled IPA.

Astro Sign


Moonshine Mixture

At Spago, we offer an array of delicious cocktails from our “Liquid Therapy” menu. One of my favorites to make is our Pandora’s Box. I am typically not a gin drinker, but when it comes to Hendricks, I’m in. The Pandora’s Box is a refreshing concoction of Hendricks Gin, St. Germaine (which is an Elderflower liquor) and fresh lemon juice. Shaken and served up in a Martini glass, with a twist!

Personal Poison

We typically have Ketel in the freezer and a soda gun in the fridge. Otherwise French Rose’ or bubbles for sunset and big, beautiful reds for anytime after.

Sweet soused perks

What I love about the bar at Spago is our guests. We have a great local following, as well as guests that travel to see us a few times a year. I love having the opportunity to discuss travels, food, and wine. It’s a job with great chances to share adventures.

Bottle Buzz Kills

I would say the biggest challenge of being a bartender is having consistency with your service, learning the art of balancing being busy with giving attention to your guests and reminding yourself to work hard but always have fun!

Tipsy Tips

Come visit me at Spago!

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