Ruth’s Chris Steak House Lahaina Happy Hour and Interview with David Mahl @ruthschrisHI

David Mahl

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Lahaina


How did you get a job there?

I was a bartender at Hard Rock and got to know the RCSH GM at the time at the bar and she liked me and hired me at the next opening she had.


What spirit do you like to work with the most?  What is the last drink you made with it?

Vodka, in some of our signature cocktails


Perhaps you are a wine or beer you drank? What made it spectacular?  The last incredible wine I drank was a syrah by Charles Smith, it was a big syrah but light and fruity at the same time


If you could change one thing about the drinks business on Maui what would it be?  Like Ren McCormick would say, we should be able to dance when and where we want.


What is your favorite happy hour on Maui? Why?

RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE – GREAT FOOD AND DRINKS AND BARTENDERS! Also Tommy Bahamas– great martinis, wine, and food.


What is your bar’s signature drink/wine/beer?

The Lahaina Ocean-tini and the Pink Panther


What is YOUR personal signature drink? (OR go to wine or beer in your selection?)

Lahaina Ocean-Tini made with Blueberry Vodka and Hypnotiq


When you are making a cocktail what is the most important thing?

To show love and passion with your ingredients.


Who or what influences you outside of the beverage business?

Todd Graham, the current Arizona State Football Coach and his teaching discipline with a winning attitude


Let’s say you’re pitching an investor who wants you to open your ultimate bar. What is your concept? Where is it located?

My concept is like an old school public house, specializing in bourbon/whiskey cocktails.  Also being known as the bar with the most bourbon/whiskey and scotches on the island.  We would serve gastro pub fare and it would be located in Wailea.


Name one new liquor/beer/wine you tasted recently. What was your impression?

Rogue Bacon Maple Ale in collaboration with Voodoo Donuts. A very heavy beer with a slight taste of maple and the bacon taste in your cheeks and mouth afterwards.


What are your regulars like?

Some are funny but all are nice and patient which is important.


What is one interesting thing about being a bartender on Maui?

Meeting people from all around the United States and the world.


What makes a good bartender? Why are you one?

Attentiveness and professionalism with a little personality and I have all three.


What is the newest drink you have created? Describe whats in it.

Pink Panther, which is like a cosmo but with a couple of twists.


RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE HAPPY HOUR – Daily. $4-$4.50 Beers; $5 Select Wines; $8.50 Wells & $9 and up for Premiums. Also enjoy a bar menu with items ranging from $7-$10. 5-7pm. Ruth’s Chris Steak House, (900 Front St.,  Lahaina); (808) 661-8815;

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