Lahaina Grill Bartender Interview with Annabehl Sinclair

Lahaina Grill

Hooch Handle

Annabehl Sinclair

When are you punching the clock at Lahaina Grill?

Wednesday through Sunday nights

Why sling booze?

Having a culinary background, I wanted to expand my experience and found there is just as much creativity behind the bar. I never looked back.

Libation Likes

1) Bourbon, we’ve been friends a long time and it’s such a versatile base. 2) Sauvignon Blanc. I’m a Kiwi, we’re good at making it. 3) I’m not really a beer drinker but I love the Hitachino range.

Astro Sign?


Moonshine Mixture

Pearfection Martini: Grey Goose pear vodka, Apple Pucker, prickly pear puree and fresh lemon.

Personal Poison

Tea. Seriously, I’m a colonial. I can’t help it.

Sweet soused perks

Experimenting with new ideas–the bar scene is constantly evolving. And, of course, our great customers!

Bottle Buzz Kills

The hours make family time a little tricky.

Tipsy Tips

I’m really excited about molecular mixology right now. It’s been making a big splash in other parts of the country. I’m experimenting with foams right now and they are so interesting. You can elevate the cocktail in ways we never could before.

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