Lahaina Cafe opens ‘Da Office’ a casual Happy Hour and late night dining mecca in Lahaina


Q's Shaka from Da Office

Lahaina Cafe’s Da Office

Location: 843 Wainee. It’s not quite across the street from Radio Shack and Ace Hardware, not quite next door to Nagasako on Wainee Street, which is not quite Front Street, but it is Lahaina’s easiest place to park and eat and drink. Oh, I know that everyone rides a bike in Lahaina, but for the rest of us this is a lifesaver.

Decor: A giant smoky feng shui fountain greets you at the door. From there you can decide to take their yellow brick road to the bar (take a right) or the dining room (left). Lahaina Cafe recently pulled a switcheroo on us, taking their large dining room and small bar space and flipping them. Now you have a large bar to belly up to and pool tables, and the dining room is off to your left. There are plenty of TVs to watch and plenty of booze to wash it down. This is not the tropical drink crowd. Patrons enjoy their jukebox music and I like the wifi.

Whats on special today? Jim Beam and oysters!

Where’s Da Office?: Not a secret moke paper-pushing center, it’s just the newest incarnation of Q’s Lahaina Cafe. You may remember Q as the belovedĀ proprietor of Bamboo at 505 Front Street. When the bar part of the Lahaina Cafe began to form, Q decided it needed its own moniker, and he held a vote of patrons. There was also a contest for artwork. You can catch that artwork on display in the bar and on tees.

Entertainment: Sports games are events here, trivia night, live music like Damion and Garrett. Call for times.

Grinds: Breakfast is served from 10am to 9pm so it doesn’t matter what time you wake up on the Westside, there is always a morning meal for you. The latest late night menu on the Westside happens here, too, with Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and some American dishes served till 4am. Oxtail soup is also available, though it’s not on the menu. Check the boards for daily specials or just ask.

Happy Hour: 3pm to 7pm

Drink Specials: $3 domestic beers and well drinks, $4 jaeger shots. Check the day glow boards for daily specials.

843 Wainee Street, Lahaina, HI 96761


Check out their Facebook page for updates and such

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    Please make minor correction -/0/- web site has been operational since mid July 2011, and gets updated every week or so depending on what’s happening at Da’Office / Lahaina Cafe’. Thanks for the excellent review ! ~ Bion (Web-brah…)