Honu Maui Happy Hour and Bartender Interview with Melissa Lamb

Honu Seafood and Pizza

Honu Maui Seafood & Pizza Happy Hour – Daily. 15 percent off all food and drinks. 3-4:30pm. 1295 Front St, Lahaina; 808-667-9390; honumaui.com

Hooch Handle

Melissa Lamb

When do you punch the clock at Honu Seafood and Pizza?

Varies but most of the time Wednesday through Sunday evenings

Why sling booze?

The bartenders always looked like they were having more fun.

Libation Likes

I like red wine, wheat beers and vodka. Varies by mood but is usually one of those three when I’m out.

Astro Sign?


Moonshine Mixture

Orgeat, cucumber, pineapple juice and vodka blended with ice. It’s called Forest Rain.

Personal Poison

Cheap red wine or Coors light with a lemon.

Sweet soused perks

Interacting with people who are out for a good time. Also being asked to make shots with crazy names that I’ve never heard of. But if you tell me what’s in it, I can usually pull it off.

Bottle Buzz Kills

Late Nights. I’m a morning person so it’s hard to wait all day to go to work.

Tipsy Tips

I also enjoy experimenting and making new drinks.

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