Fresh! Cocktail Launch Party at I’o on the Beach, Lahaina Maui Tonight!


FRESH! starts at 8pm at I’o, at 505 Front St. Lahaina, HI 96761, 661-8422

It is going to be so fun tonight at Fresh. The vibe at 505 at I’o is so chic and chill at the same time. I caught up with I’o’s General Manager, Solana Tao to ask her about their new cocktail menu and what it was all about.

JR: what are you most excited about on the new program?

ST: The ability to thin out all the extra liquors in our bar and focus on the local ingredients to enhance and create the chemistry in our libations. Use hand selected specialty liquors to give true depth and history. One example is an absinthe rinse in our house Manhattan recipe glass before we pour the cocktail in. Another is activating a fresh sprig of O’o Farm rosemary in our “Chi”,   house version of a tropical chichi. Amazing!

JR: Are you featuring any new spirits that you haven’t had before?

ST: Yes. Working with Joey Gottesman from Better Brands has been a treat, bringing on a new absinthe and St Germaine liquor with elderflowers. But really our focus is to thin out flavored filler liquors and bring in the best of each category and put them together clean and well balanced. Each drink working on the perfect chemistry and farm to drink flare.

JR: Is there a theme to the drinks?

ST: Balanced, fresh and clean.

JR: Will future wine clubs at I’o be featuring cocktails?

ST: I would like to, it raises the energy in the room. Not just cause of the different libations available but with someone creating a fresh item in the room with island ingredients laid out and shakers going, it’s a blast.

JR: what kind of pupus are you planning?

ST: I still feel like not enough people know how great our new menu is, I would like to show it off. The format of the menu is so updated to modern style of eating, all kinds of diners will find their senses and dietary needs met.


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