Dog and Duck in Kihei

Dog and Duck

1913 S. Kihei Rd.

Kihei, HI 96753


Description: This self proclaimed Jaeger bar hosts a jolly good mix of manly boys and boyish men with a bevy of cheeky ladies serving up tap beers and chilled shots. They took the traditions of the classic Irish pub and dropped it in a hot (literally) and sexy package in the heart of Kihei Kalama Village. Decor is quaint, curtains on the paned windows, football (soccer) on the tele, wood furniture and cozy atmosphere. Live entertainment and a bang up vibe get this pub pumping.

About the stinky pinky…: They coulda named the place Stinky Pinky but it just didn’t have the same appeal. As the story goes, the bar owners used to get a lot of laughs drinking pau hanas in the backyard watching the pets: a duck stealing food from the pit bull and the pit bull chasing the duck. It was all in good fun, plus it sounded like a damn good pub name.

Happy Hours: 3 to 7pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2 Bud Light & PBR, $3 Primo & Becks, $5 Jaeger and check the chalkboard for any other specials of the day that might be available. The bartenders also make a killer Cosmo and other cocktails. Wines are just the basics.

Happy-hour food specials: Free popcorn! The pupu menu is also pretty reasonable, and full of delightful bar treats–buffalo wings, mozzerella sticks, poppers, pigs in a blanket or veggie platter. From 10pm to 1am they are all just $7. And Chef Simon does a daily special (check the board). His cooking is incredible, from the famous corned beef and cabbage and grilled salmon to the shepherds pie. All are under $13. Soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches are under $10.

Bonus: A cute little blonde school teacher named Laura leads Quiz Night on Thursdays. But don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you–she’s a whipper snapper.

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  1. […] Today was our last day in Maui before heading to the Big Island, so we decided to see a few places we hadn’t been before heading to the airport. We took our time packing our bags and eating the awesome breakfast at the Mauian Hotel before checking out. We had not yet been to Kihei, so we headed that way. There was a nice little market where we did some shopping, then we had a great lunch over at the Dog & Duck Pub. […]