Longhi’s Lahaina Maui Happy Hour and Bartender Interview with John Keuler

Longhi's Lahaina

Longhi’s Lahaina Maui Happy Hour – Daily. Happy Hours includes, assorted prices and up to 50% off certain beers, cocktails, and wines. Food Discounts, $6.00 tapas menu. 3-6 pm 10-11pm Longhi’s Lahaina, 888 Front St., Lahaina; 808-667-2288; longhis.com

Hooch Handle

John Keuler

When are you punching the clock at Longhi’s?

10am to 4pm – Friday to Tuesday

Why sling booze?

I thought it always looked like fun, and it is!

Libation Likes

Beer. I grew up in Wisconsin (big beer drinkers) and I like to taste a variety of beers.

Astro Sign?


Moonshine Mixture

Lahaina Lemonade.

Personal Poison

Beer or Vodka Cranberry.

Sweet soused perks

It’s a very active job and you get to meet a lot of really nice people.

Bottle Buzz Kills

To give the customer the quality of service I like to maintain when it gets really busy.

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