A Swell Time at Stillwell’s

Last Thursday’s lunch hour was a delight when I broke my usual coffee-only routine and went out for a (big) bite at Stillwell’s Bakery and Deli (scored the spot on Gowalla). Here’s the dish:

Gorgeous Limon Tarte (emphasize tart), shared with my sweetie.

My (awesome) Rueben. Gotta love da kraut.

His (also awesome) French Dip… a Thursday special!

Speaking of specials, I can’t wait to go back on a Wednesday to try their pot pies. I hear they’re to die for. Plus, Stillwell’s is rockin’ the hot cross buns (one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns! OK, not really, but remember the recorder song?) for the Easter season only.

Bonus: Yelling ‘wassup’ to MauiTime‘s own Judy, rockin’ it behind the bakery scene.

My Tweet at the time: “The smell of fresh baked cream horn shells at Stillwell’s… Heaven. Tweetie. 3/25/10 2:16PM

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