We Dish On Kahului Diners: Oyaku Tei, Maui Restaurant Review 3/3



180 Wakea Ave., Kahului


Technically not a greasy spoon, Oyaku Tei is one of the last ohana Okazu type spots left in Kahului still offering great local breakfasts. The breakfast bento costs about $7 and is packed with teriyaki, Spam, Portuguese sausage, herbed omelette, hot dog, rice, furikake, and house-pickled daikon. It’s basically just grab and go.

The menu is mainly in Japanese, but the breakfasts include American basics and local foods like French toast, eggs, meat and a croissant sandwich, all priced between $6 and $7. With the Spam musubi, they sandwich a piece of Spam between a pressed loaf of rice and blanket it in seaweed for just $1.75. They also sell their housemade namasu, pickled mango and kim chee.

The dining room is really cozy, like eating at tutu’s house. Just settle in with your food, or take it to go. Sometimes I even share a table.

Their burger is excellent: Maui Cattle Company beef seasoned their way with a plain white bun that’s grilled to order. A plain burger costs $1.95 and adding cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion raises the price to $2.75.

You can pick up lunch anytime, and they open at 6am. The misoyaki butterfish sells out quickly so don’t be afraid to grab one at breakfast. Unlike many diners they also take credit cards and, on rare occasions, other forms of currency. I recently tried to pass a Fun Factory token here as a quarter, but the ladies just laughed and said their grandkids would happily take it.

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