Taking a Ride on Gyro’s Food Bus (Truck) at Kahului Beach Road


Gyro Bus

At the same spot on Kahului Beach Road, I’ve sometimes caught the Greek Gyro’s Bus. I love Greek food, so when these guys show up it’s a treat. Their menu is simple–grilled meats plus salad and steamed rice. The proteins range from the Kronos traditional beef and lamb to other impressive converted bus options like rib eye, short rib and pork chop. The platters cost $8-12.


You can order just a gyro sandwich, but for $2.50 more I made my lunch into a platter. A sandwich is gyro meat, onion and tomato on a fresh grilled pita bread, and they serve Greek salad on the side with feta and tzatziki sauce. The salad has fresh chopped romaine, tomatoes, onions, crumbled feta, pepperoncini and olives with a Greek vinaigrette dressing. It’s not super special but it hits all the marks for a good Greek salad. For $10 it’s a lot of Greek food and a huge lunch.


The chicken kabob platter drops marinated and seasoned grilled chicken breast pieces on rice with a Greek salad on the side. The flavors in the chicken are amazing, it’s a great low-fat meat option if you’re going to choose food truck eating. For the platter, you’ll spend $10 (the sandwich is $7.50).

Unlike Kalama’s, the Gyro Bus doesn’t publish a number or hours but if you see it on the side of the road it’s worth a visit. Especially since fast and fresh Greek cuisine like this is pretty much non-existent in Kahului.


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