Swanky Swine at Star Noodle, This Friday

Friday (September 10), 6pm, Star Noodle, Lahaina, $52

From “Baconnaise” and “Bacon Salt” (brought to us by “everything should taste like bacon” company J&D’s), to novelty bandages (a whole new take on “cured meat”) and award-winning Bacon Vodka, nothing is sizzling on the foodie hot-list quite like bacon. In his book Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon, author Ari Weinzweig (co-founder of acclaimed Zingerman’s Community of Businesses) explains “why bacon is ‘the olive oil of America’,” and traces bacon’s origins to “medieval England, where bacon was used to promote matrimonial harmony.” If the path to marital bliss is paved with pork, and the way to the heart is through the stomach, then nothing squeals amore more than swine with your swain (or swainess, or whatever), when those roads converge at Star Noodle this Friday night. Weinzweig teams with Chef Sheldon Simeon for the highly anticipated “Bacon Night” dinner, a single-seating, six-course, pre-fixe menu using premium bacon products from around the world. The preliminary menu (subject to small changes according to what’s freshest) includes bacon roasted Kula sweet corn, Kampachi and pancetta, ahi “bacon,” steamed bacon buns, jook and bacon, and miso bacon ice cream for dessert. With just 60 tickets available (and over half sold, at the time of this writing), if you manage to score reservations, you’ll be happier than a pig in… 808-667-5400; starnoodle.com


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Jon Stewart eats a traditional Baconnaise and lobster omelet with a side of Jesus toast to celebrate Yom Kippur:

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