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“Coconut is something that everyone should have access to.”

Alive & Well

The coconut kefir I produce out of local coconuts is fresh coconut meat and coconut water. It’s completely coconut. It’s not watered down in any sense of the word. The process only takes 18 hours; it literally ferments overnight. The fresh oily coconut meat is combined with young coconut water. The Kefir strains are stirred in and 18 hours later life is teaming from the jars. The enormity of benefits that probiotic-rich foods possess make them close to the best thing you can put in your body.

One of the most exciting things to me about the coconut yogurt is its use in live/raw food preparation. Most live/raw food menus are based on nuts and seeds. The desserts that are produced tend to be heavy and rich. The coconut kefir yogurt has let me substitute the nuts in the dessert for yogurt. The probiotic in the yogurt, which is a digestive aid in itself, combines with the naturally occurring enzymes to pleasantly introduce the desserts to the belly. No guilt, no “bomb,” just smiles.

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