Rob Schneider Isn’t Sick of His Catchphrase…Probably

Whether you SHOULD is another matter.

So I’ve heard several people remark that Rob Schneider — set to appear on-island September 25 as part of the Maui Celebrity Series — must be sick of people repeating his catchphrase, “You can do it!” from The Waterboy. It’s on the poster for his gig; we put it in our calendar listing.

Well, I’m here to tell you Schneider is too cool to turn up his nose at love, even cliched, heard-it-ten-thousand-times love. Or at least he was a few years ago, when I saw him at a San Francisco Giants game and some dude yelled out — you guessed it — “You can do it!” and not only did Schnieder not roll his eyes, he high-fived the guy and bought him a beer. Seriously. Now maybe he was just putting on appearances, but still — it’s a lot more than many stars (or, OK, semi-stars) would do.

So when you see Rob on Maui in a few weeks, feel free to yell that line at him. We can almost guarantee he’ll be cool about it. Of course, whether YOU’LL be cool is less certain…