Ko Ko Ichiban Ya

Little Place, Big Taste

“I’ve got a case of katsu!” Phat Tony groaned, stuffed after having devoured a huge plate lunch of the most ono chicken katsu (his, kindly substituted with teriyaki sauce vs. tonkatsu sauce), one giant scoop of rice and some mean mac salad.

The place was packed,always a good sign for an eatery, no matter how small (and it is, small), jammed with locals and tourists alike. Good signs (like, as already mentioned, a crowd well-past the lunch rush hour; or beef stew that looks and smells like my Dad’s best; or the batches of fresh, mochiko-battered fried chicken, seen being cut carefully in to strips from within the open kitchen) are all well and good, but we need none. We already know it’s the bomb!

Mmm... Katsu.

Mmm... Katsu.

The only bummer about the joint is that all too often we show up only to find it closed. A family place, their hours seem a little loosey goosey. But you know what? That’s totally okay with me. I guess good things are worth being patient for, and tasty katsu comes to those wait.

Dude, thats a super big knife! Glad this dude was super cool!

Dude, that's a super big knife! Glad this dude was super cool!

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