Naughty or Nice?

No wonder Santa lives at the North Pole

Santa delivered (or he didn’t). You’re sick of yearlong niceness and there are but seven nights of un-holiness available before those New Year’s resolutions kick in. Post-party cleanup is the kind best left for morning, especially with the living room still looking like a ball pit of wadded-up wrapping paper. Continue the revelry (or start some anew) with the Kit Cat Club Christmas Cabaret, the steamiest troupe of Santa Baby babes Maui has to offer. The ladies have their playfully luscious show all wrapped up with delightful tunes, and if that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, loosen up with one of Casanova‘s signatures (and my favorite), the Velvet Kiss Martini. Joining the Kit Kat Club, after a six-month hiatus from the scene, is P.O.R.T.A.L. (People of Revolutionary Thought and Living if you need it spelled out). Filling their time in the shadows by managing international Internet success and adding more funk to their already otherworldly dance beats, P.O.R.T.A.L. comes as ready to play as you should come ready to dance. And with all that turkey lurking in your belly since late November, dancing is probably a good idea. Friday (December 25), Casanova Italian Bistro, Makawao, 10pm, $7, 572-0220.


check it twice

Even if your holiday schedule is packed as tightly as a spoiled kid’s stocking, there are still a few spare second that need be wasted by typing in your name into the Naughty or Nice meter (Santa says I’m just three points away from perfect… how ’bout you?).

thanks a lot, rudolph

“Christmas may be the big kahuna of American holy days, but it wasn’t always so. It used to be a time of drunken rowdiness, when the poor would demand food and money from the rich… Has Christmas grown more or less religious?” Hear or read it all from Back Story with the American History Guys’ segment “Naughty & Nice: A History of The Holiday Season.”

beck the halls

If you wanna get more religious, see the “Naughty or Nice?” list from the American Family Association which categorizes major companies who they deem are either “for Christmas,” “marginalizing Christmas,” or are “against Christmas.” The Liberty Counsel has one too ( f*ck you, American Girl), plus you can buy “I Helped Save CHRISTmas” or “I (heart) CHRISTmas” buttons in packs of 10 or 100. But for a real treat, click the photo above to Beck the halls…