Izakaya Matsu: Japanese Pub Cuisine in Kihei Maui

I love Izakaya Cuisine, small plates of Japanese tastes made to pair perfectly with Japanese beer. Start with some sushi and sashimi, and move on to the heavier items like their takoyaki, or rich dynamite. The fried eggplant is delicious, and you can find lots of different small vegetable dishes if you are vegetarian. The shabu shabu is an authentic Japanese fondue dish where you dip your meats in a broth simmering at your table. Their Sukiyaki is also simmered dish done at your table for sharing, with vegetables and meats in a semi sweet and savory broth. If you haven’t tried it you must. At Izakaya Matsu there is plety of beer and sake to stand up to the pub fare too, Japanese imports and otherwise. This little spot is easy to find the Azeka Makai in Kihei and has ample parking and is open late.  

1280 S. Kihei Road., 808-874-0990


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