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Lassoed With A Decorative Tongue

I’m not sure if poet Eric David Lough from Lahaina is married. If he isn’t, well… How should I put this? His poetry is extremely moving. And when I say moving, I mean erotic. And when I say erotic, I actually mean fricking hot. Lough actually sizzles. His descriptions are provocative and mesmerizing. Reading his words makes me feel like I’m on a sexy acid trip to a place where men are emotional and smart. Lassoed With A Decorative Tongue is a superb collection of poetry by a man who obviously thinks, and thinks deep. Not just that, he has the ability to put those thoughts on the page in a way that makes me want to jump into bed with him and say, “Take me now and write about it later!”? Not that it’s all about sex”“it’s about life. But just so we’re on the same page, here’s a snippet from “To Simmer Silt,”? one of my favorite Lough poems: “… a field isn’t absolutely grand unless it ejaculates exotic flowers and blows race car winds… “? I can see it and feel it. The whole book is amazing like that.


Katchafire first blessed me at their recent Maui concert as they mesmerized a massive and very Irie crowd into a reggae-induced, swaying, sing-along trance that I was extremely glad to join. It was the first New Zealand reggae I experienced, and I couldn’t have chosen a better group for my musical deflowering. Although their new album is titled Say What You’re Thinking, and this indigenous group of Kiwis could definitely have a thing or two to say about cultural issues, their album mostly shies away from socially tinged lyrics and favors a simpler message of love and happiness. They weave their musical web with slow, dreamy rhythms, harmonies and an irresistible, laid back roots sound. From the horn-drenched, pop reggae grooves of their title track, to the keyboard rhythms and high-pitched vocals of “Love Letter,”? this album is perfectly polished reggae magnificence. Jessica Armstrong

Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

Sometimes I mourn the fact that I’m no longer single and can pass a drug test without getting freaked out and consuming gallons of “detoxifying”? tea. But there was a day, and I sure wish that I could remember it clearly, when I couldn’t. In fact, watching The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down reminded me of a specific shindig I attended in Manoa Valley that involved multiple kegs, micro-dots and wild hanky-panky. It also involved people convincing themselves that they were chess pieces and the cops, but such is life. This film won the Grand Jury Best Film, Audience Choice, Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast and Best Selection back in 2006 at the L.A. Indies Film awards. See, it’s a proven fact that homo sapiens love to overdose on tits and ass and drugs. I have to admit this was a hilariously evil flick”“it follows a group of 20-30 somethings on a single night of clubbing, drugging and screwing. What’s not to love? To top it off, the film is loaded with tips and graphs to help the clueless partygoer on a night of intoxicated and pantieless debauchery. The only thing missing is a toll free number to Narcotics Anonymous, which would totally come in handy after a successful rager.