Haleakala National Park Happenings

Thanks to the Friends of the Haleakala National Park (FHNP)—whose purpose “is to support educational, cultural, research and service activities relating to the park and its ecosystems”—a service project will be held in the Haleakala Crater for 12 lucky participants. While working to “protect native plants in the crater wilderness,” volunteers will stay in the Kapalaoa Cabin for free (park entry fee waived, too) and enjoy relaxing downtime for hiking, photography and stargazing. Haleakala may be the house of the sun, but the FHNP website ( www.fhnp.org ) is home to a mountain of information—including online registration for this and upcoming events (like, Waikau North heterotheca and Holua south heterotheca Nov. 14-15, and central crater outplanting or heterotheca Dec. 5-6). Maybe hiking in and out of the crater while packing your food, water and sleeping bag is not for you, but the crater still calls? FHNP offers a variety of ways to volunteer. Also ever-present and Pick-worthy is simply a trip to the top to catch the star at the center of our solar system as it enters or exits the day. Sunrise gets so much (touristy) attention, but sunset is equally special and something (I think) Mauians need to do more often (not just when visitors are in town). So grab your sweater, your sweetie and a Thermos of something savory! Service project: 876-1673, fhnp.org; sunrise: 572-4400, nps.gov/hale.