Get your geek on

WoW is a lot like a hard drug. First, they offer you a free 10-day trial. Sure, it seems innocuous enough: a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) to fill in the hours when you’re not busy. You create your character, wander around the world of Azeroth on quests, meet people and consequently kill them. Suddenly, you’re blowing off important engagements, your hygiene has gone out the window and your family is afraid to come near the computer. If this hasn’t scared you off yet, there was an incident in WoW that replicated real-life epidemics. Even the Center for Disease Control was interested in it. But I’m sure you’re made of stronger stuff; this won’t happen to you. And hey, you can quit at any time…right? The newest expansion kit, The Wrath of the Lich King, was released in November 2008. This probably explains why I haven’t had a date since.

I would like to present you with lolcats. Lolcats are amusing pet pictures (usually cats) with captions written in lolspeak. This is a lot more time consuming and entertaining than it sounds. This is also a lot more debilitating than it sounds. Soon, you’ll find that you can’t stop speaking in lolspeak. I used to pride myself on my grammar, going so far as to use it while texting. However, with the advent of lolcats, I find myself saying things like, “Oh noes! I need more pix of teh kittehs!” If lolcats don’t do it for you, there are links to other lol-related things, such as: Lol News and Politics, Engrish and the ever-popular Fail Blog. Even so, you can’t have a Web site devoted to those of feline persuasion without some protest. Fear not, dog connoisseurs, there are loldogs too, at

Now that you’ve accepted geekdom as a legitimate way of life, it’s time to watch the lives of other geeks and their struggles. Codex (who seems to be a favorite of Joss Whedon, having starred in his Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and that other show…you know, Buffy), is a gamer girl trying to adapt to the pressures of real life. But, due to some misguided semicolons in chat, Codex has found herself rooming with a delusional warlock from her guild. You will giggle at the characters flat out refusal to accept life for what it is, before the doomed realization that you probably have one of these people living on your couch, eating all your snacks. So watch The Guild for some solutions before “all your base are belong to us.” MTW