Ferraro’s Chef Nicholas Porreca’s Tomatoe, Avocado, and Arugula Salad Recipe @FSMaui




Dining at Ferraro’s.


Ferraro’s at Four Seasons Maui




What item do you love to prepare from your menu?   Potato Gnocchi With Lemon Grappa Cream


What dish is the “must order” thing on the menu? Polenta Fried Calamari with Sweet Chili Pepper, Lime Aioli


What dish uses products / produce / proteins from Maui?

Local Seafood including Ahi, Ono, Hapu’u’, Kona Lobster, Monchong, Uku, Ehu, Onaga…  Product including Big Island Butternut Squash, Molokai Sweet Potatoes, Haiku Tomatoes, Baby Butter Lettuce, Arugula, Bitter Braising Greens, Hamakua Mushrooms


What ingredient is a must have for you and why?

I have to say Salt is a must ingredient.. Salt separates great food from good food.


One tip from your kitchen: (Any how to, timesaver, sanitation, or preparation tip):

When cooking at home.. clean as you go, use the grill whenever you can and try to cook dishes using one pan or pot whenever possible.


One recipe: (Like I said it can be simple, or complicated, sweet or savory, from the restaurant or something you like to make at home)

Fresh Tomatoes, Avocados, Arugula, Roasted Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 20 year old Balsamic Vinegar and  Coarse Sea Salt.  Mixed all ingredients to your own personal taste.  Serve at room temperature and consume with lots of Italian White Wine.


Explain the recipe, Why are you sharing this? When do you make this? Does it use Maui ingredients?

It’s a favorite dish of mine on any Maui afternoon. All ingredients with the exception of balsamic vinegar can be found on Maui in the highest quality.


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