Fat Boy Burger’s “Californication” full of beefy greasy goodness

Fat Boy Burger
1819 S. Kihei Rd. #D113
Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a Week
Growing up vegetarian with very little access to beef, my mom used to tell me how hard it was for her to give up cheeseburgers, it was her favorite red meat food. Since she had given up this worldly delight she expected me to, so it wasnt till later and with much guilt to overcome that I came into my own obsession with burgers. Perhaps I overcompensate with my freedom to eat what I like, unlike when I was at mother’s table.When I heard Toby Shadle of Fat Daddy’s BBQ had opened up a burger place I waited for the next burger craving to come and headed over to their South kihei road window service burger joint. I figured the beef has to be good, afterall Toby knows how to do red meat. Fat Boy Burgers lives up to their name, serving up 12 different cleverly named burgers, and a build your own option for the really creative, or picky.

Options on the burger change according to topping sauces and cheeses, and they have 8 different sauces to choose from. I couldn’t resist the Californication ($9), it has roasted green chili, avocado, roasted garlic, red onion and monterey jack with the chipotle lime sauce. I was in burger heaven. The burger patty is hand made everyday. When it showed up on my plate it was a work of art, the green chili was nicely sliced, the avo plentiful, the red onion looked like it was thinly sliced with a mandolin. There was a lot of thought put in here with a lot of gourmet taste. The chipotle lime sauce is an aioli based smoky tangy sauce, really good with sweet frys too.
In all we ordered four burgers and one order of regular fries and one order of sweet frys – their sweet potato fry option. The Fat Daddy burger ($9) had onion rings, smoked bacon, cheddar, and Fat Daddy BBQ Sauce. The onion ring is worth noting, it is tempura batter fried and excellent. The Fat Boy ($8) is their classic cheeseburger, and the Menehune ($4) is the jr. option, they call them mini burgers but my four year old couldn’t finish if she wanted to. The lettuce is chopped into ribbons and piled onto the burgers. Burgers here are gourmet. The sweet frys-made with sweet potato are a great twist on the traditional burger and fries combo.

Service is friendly and quick, you order at the window then wait for the made to order burgers on the deck overlooking S. Kihei Rd. Fat Boy Burgers is located next to the Starbucks at the Kukui mall. We ate on the patio and did some people watching, but they will wrap it to go as well.

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