Dropping Names

I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I don’t get out much. Those of you with kids, husbands, multiple jobs–are undoubtedly feeling me on this. 

For those female readers who remembered to take their birth control and are still casting their nets every weekend into the sea of single men, I have three words: Yay for you.

But this past weekend we actually went to one of the many events that I get the chance to write about week after week. The Barry Fest, a benefit for Mana‘o Radio, was going on at the Old Maui Zoo Amphitheater and–low and behold–it was an all-ages, family-friendly event. And by family-friendly, I mean there were no coolers full of alcohol and people chain-smoking Misty ultra-thins.

Kids in tow, we descended upon Barry Fest like the Upcountry bumpkins that we are–full of excitement, awe and way too many layers of clothing. 

We got there at 1:30. The Voodoo Suns were playing and people were grooving. It turns out my son (age two) is a huge fan. I would never have guessed him for a political rock guy. 

There was a wide variety of food–everything from quinoa salad to teriyaki chicken. The lines were long, but nobody seemed to mind. The vibe was very Rainbow Bridge. It kind of made we want to take my shirt off and set the boobs free.

I haven’t hugged or been hugged by that many people in one day since, well, ever. The first person that we ran into was Master jeweler David Sacco, who designed my totally custom, super awesome wedding bands. 

While talking to Sacco, we ran into writer Jill Engledow. Jill just came out with a new book “Island Life 101:A Newcomer’s Guide to Hawaii” that’s actually sitting in the home of Maui Time Calendar Editor Jessica Armstrong awaiting review as we speak. Jill also happens to be the woman that my husband and his dad lived with for years when he was a kid. We said our hellos while I secretly harbored fantasies of what life would be like if she actually became my stepmother-in-law. I’m thinking awesome. 

About the same time that LAWA took the stage and while sharing a banana split with my daughter, I spotted Teri Lawrence from On the Upside with Teri on KAOI. She was wearing a “Save the baby seals” t-shirt and had a very large white bird perched on her shoulder even though there was a sign at the gate that specified that no pets were allowed besides service dogs. 

While LAWA was tearing it up on sage, the hubby and I discussed my probable attraction to guitarist Pete Sebastion. What can I say? He plays really good guitar and has a wild mane of hair. 

Squinting, the hubby realized that he went to school with lead singer Kahala

“Went to school or went to school with her?” I asked. You have to clarify these things in my marriage. 

By the time Kathy “Tita” Collins took the stage to introduce the Mana‘o Radio Orchestra, the kids were getting hot and whiny and I knew that it was time for us to hele on out. 

I tried to hunt down Collins to introduce myself as “Starr–you know, the non-Irish non-Hippie with the column who calls you with weird questions from Maui Time” but wasn’t able to. She’s a busy lady! With cute bangs. I think those are new. 

While looking for Collins, I ran into John Cruz, who was chatting with Marty Dread. I notched another hug on my belt and introduced him to the family. My son gave him five and said, “Hi, Uncle.”

Kahala from LAWA got “nice to meet you” hugs from the fam and she kissed all the kids as a way of introduction while she and the hubby talked about middle school.

On the way out, I spotted Jamallad and the Sisters Grimm who were waiting in line behind us to see Happy Dan, the balloon guy.

Overall it was the kind of day that made me feel thankful to live on a beautiful island amid talented people. Also, I was glad my daughter didn’t blurt out, “[Grandma] said you have a crush on that guy with the CD you make us listen to all the time” until we got to the car. 

Cruz probably figures as much already.

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