Chef Rhoderick D. Bulosan and the Cooks of Buzz’s Wharf #Maui #Food @MauiTime

Buzz's Wharf


“By showcasing local items, we are providing the customers with the product that is indicative of what Hawaii has to offer.”

Ma’alaea Harbor


Misoyaki Walu $29

In this dish, the walu is caught by local fisherman in our waters and delivered to us fresh, never frozen. Our Maui onions and baby bok choy are grown by Kula local farmers. We use these items because they are consistently available for us and they compliment each other very well in this dish.

The dish is a six-ounce filet of walu marinated in miso paste, mirin, sweet Thai chili and green onions. It is seared, then baked til the fish is nice and golden brown. It’s served with Buzz’s own teriyaki sauce, crispy Maui onions, shitake mushroom chips, stir fry vegetables and choice of starch (white rice, brown rice, or garlic mashed potatoes). I love the nice moist texture of the fish, some like it with a miso glaze, others with a teriyaki glaze, so I decided to put the two together to get the best of both worlds and created a “Misoyaki Walu.”

As a young chef developing new skills, I learned to utilize local items not only to support the economy but to bring out the flavors that our island has to offer. Visitors come here not to see and taste what they already have, but to try something new and interesting.

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