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“Growing your own food or working with people that do is our last attempt at a peaceful revolution.”

3620 Baldwin Ave., Makawao


Coriander Crusted Ahi Nicoise Salad, $21

What makes this dish so special is the amount of care given to these ingredients, from the time they were planted to the time they’re placed in front of our guest. Everyone involved really has pride in these ingredients, starting with the farmer, then on to chef, to the hands of our servers. I’m sure our guests taste the quality. This is a classic French salad from Nice, France. It inspires us to put our own twists on the dishes without insulting the tradition or integrity of the salad. Our bistro is all about global influences and local ingredients.

We love working with the community around us. The veggies just tumble down the mountain and into our back door. We’re just extremely lucky that our community provides us the best ingredients in the world. Maui is a chef’s paradise. We at Market Fresh Bistro believe that we have to stop this “barge-to-table” practice.

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