Good Beachside Eats at Castaway Cafe


Recently enjoyed good food (and good company) at Castaway Cafe, at the Maui Ka’anapali Villa. The fried scallop pupu (seasonal; $12.95) is generously portioned and comes with a creamy wasabi sauce you’ll be tempted to double-dip with. For my entree, I opted for one of the fish specials, choosing ono blackened with cajun spices ($23.95).

In the way that the ambiance leaves something to be desired, but is made up for by the cheerily spot-on service, I found the plating to betray the meal’s good taste. A gorgeous, thick ono steak was hidden under a (albeit tasty) pile of sweet potato strings, and the veggies (although perfectly blanched) were prepped as if for a brown bag lunch.

A few aesthetic tweaks might help justify the premium prices. Nonetheless, the experience was a good one. 808-661-9091;

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