Cafe Marc Aurel Woes

Cafe Marc Aurel has stunningly good croissants they bake fresh in the morning when they have them. My husband wanted something to eat while he watched the apple announcent today so i ordered the spanish omelet with no onoins. They said no problem they could do that one no onoin. My server even checked with the kitchen.Alas it was studded with onoin. My husband got my bagel (luckily I ordered backup) I got the omelet.

It’s eggs swirled with onion and tomato. The veggies would be better softened first, but I think they must pre mix it. There manchego melted on top and a large dollop of sour creme. Its also served with a hearty whole grain bread, toasted.

A latte, a toddy, bagel, omlete, total was about $18.00

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