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Black Rock Steak & Seafood at The Sheraton Resort & Spa Maui


What item do you love to prepare from your menu?

Mixed seafood grill


What dish is the “must order” thing on the menu?

Braised ribs


What dish uses products / produce / proteins from Maui?

Of course our Ahi.  Fresh fish throughout Hawaii.


What ingredient is a must have for you and why?

Garlic, because its good in flavor and aroma.

One recipe: (Like I said it can be simple, or complicated, sweet or savory, from the restaurant or something you like to make at home)

Shrimp and pork stuffed Calamari


6 whole calamari

1 # ground pork

1 # tiger shrimp diced

3 oz maui onion minced

1 oz green onion minced

1 whole egg

2 tbl minced garlic



Place all ingredients in mixing bowl, with piping bag and fill each calamari with mix. Dredge calamari in flour and on medium heat brown the calamari.  Place in 350 degree oven for 10 minutes.  Slice into ½ pieces.  Serve with ponzu or Hawaiian chili pepper water.


Explain the recipe, Why are you sharing this? When do you make this? Does it use Maui ingredients?

I like to make this when I have time at home and it uses maui onions.  I’m sharing this because it’s a recipe my mother taught me.


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