Eh, Stop Taking Your Dogs To Baby Beach!

18.06.EH BRAH_web

To the multitudes of people who take their dogs to Baby Beach, and then let them run off the leash…. ugh! How come you think it’s appropriate to let your dogs run up to strangers to sniff, shake, lick, jump on, leap near, dig around or in many other ways invade a person’s private space and wreck the beach? I saw an irresponsible elder couple walking ahead of their unleashed little dogs this morning. Their dogs were shitting all over the sand, and the owners were totally oblivious. Gross! Please don’t assume that everyone should have to like or even tolerate your dogs’ behavior. And you all say the same thing when something bad happens: “He’s just being friendly.” Well, I’m not. I’m sick of it. Keep your pets on a leash or at home.

Illustration by Ron Pitts



  • J A

    I too don’t care for dogs running around on our beaches and making a mess. I think its irresponsible owners that only think of themselves and nobody else. Even restaurants who accept pets in their restaurants should clearly post a sign up ‘pet-friendly’ so I can avoid patrionizing them. I prefer eating in restaurants that don’t have dirty paws hanging around. And whats with these pet owners who think its okay to place their dogs in grocery carts? It think its unsanitary and inhumane and disrespectful to everyone else.