Eh Rotten Ex Husband

First you texted your wife (while she’s on mainland watching the grandkids so your daughter can complete her last year of college) that that you’re having an affair. You gave her false hopes that you would work on your marriage. But then you suddenly told her that you filed for divorce. Then you had a co-worker deliver her a note telling her to get out of both of your ohana by the end of the month. She had no money and no car. So your wife sold all her jewelry to a nice guy on Market Street. She got enough money to ship some stuff and buy an airline ticket for herself and her dog. But once she got to the Mainland, she received holiday pictures from a member of your family. Your mistress was in them! How about sending her the spousal support the judge ordered months ago? As of today she’s received nothing from you. What had she done to deserve this treatment?

Illustration by Ron Pitts