Eh Newbie Spear Fisherman

To the newbie spear-fisherman at the Westside beach: Wow, you had a big new shiny gun but the fish that was dangling from it was quite manini! A snapper you say? Review your fishing regs, friend–even though you went “way out,” that was no snapper you caught. It was what we call a “kumu” and is not a snapper of any kind. The whiskers might have clued you in if you’d checked the pretty colored pictured in your copy of the regulations. Luckily, the fish you caught was within the size limit but if it HAD been the snapper you thought it was, it would have been about five inches under the limit! Maybe you should stick to snorkeling for a while until you get the hang of fish I.D. We’ve got enough people messing up the resources already, thanks!

Illustration by Ron Pitts