Eh Guy Who Threw Away Perfectly Good Snorkel Gear!

17.49.EH BRAH

We get it that you don’t care. You’re the person who throws away two snorkel sets (tags still on the bag) into the trash can in the men’s room at a Ka’anapali resort. This is wrong on so many levels. Those sets are made of plastic that will sit in a land fill for hundreds of years. There are also plenty of people everywhere who would love to use that perfectly good snorkel set to see all the beauty in the ocean. You could post it on Craigslist, hand it to a kid on the beach or just place it on top of the trash can for someone to find. How could you spend a vacation on this island, see all of its beauty and majesty, and then just be a wasteful careless jerk? Luckily, we found yours in the trash and we’ll use them for years to come.

Illustration by Ron Pitts



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    Me and my wife usually snorkel off California. We recently snorkeled off Catalina Island and Noticed a 747-200 in deep water. What an old plane my wife said. I told my wife most of the 747s in the United States are 747-400 and there are some 747-800s. My wife said the plane looked like Air Force one. I told my wife that is impossible! I told her Air Force One was a 747-8 Intercontinental.