Eh Crazy Dolphin Lady!

17.44.EH BRAH

Eh, crazy dolphin lady: you started coming around our beautiful South Maui bay. You go after the spinner dolphin pod, frantically swimming towards them, chasing them, trying to touch them and even hitch a ride by grabbing their dorsal fins. Seriously, you’re a menace. Dolphins are great ambassadors of love, but sometimes humans who lack of love in their lives–like, I’m guessing, you–are drawn to them to fill a void in their lives. Sorry, but the dolphins aren’t going to help your heart–you’re the only one who can do that. And you can start by leaving the dolphins alone.

Illustration by Ron Pitts



  • Anonymous

    FYI the woman mentioned in the “Eh Crazy Dolphin Lady!” article never touches them, and doesn’t ever “try to hitch a ride by grabbing their dorsal fins”. If you have something negative to say about someone the least you do is be accurate.

  • Len

    We love Eh Brah!!!