Eh Brah: Pimpin’ Poetry

EH BRAH! pimpin’ poetry

You thought you knew me, Kihei chick, thought I was just another dick. Or maybe just another loser, driving around in my Maui cruiser. You’d use me up then toss me out—that was your plan, I had no doubt. But to your surprise I won your heart, we were best of friends, never apart. Went bike riding, surfing too, I took you shopping, called you “boo.” You got to thinking, “Marriage maybe? Could I be with this man, have his baby?” Then one morning you awoke to find I’d vanished like a puff of smoke. You cried, I’m sure, and cursed as well, prayed that I’d go straight to hell. But remember my dear, before you blame: don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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